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Creating the Ideal Space to Bring People Together

Home Theater

We can create the perfect theater experience so you'll never miss the theater again. We carefully design every aspect of the room from seating arrangements to acoustical treatments and bring the movie theater experience to you. Creating a comfortable and impactful space for you and your family to enjoy the benefits of a theater without leaving your home.

Home Theater Pic.jpg

Distributed Audio Video

With a distributed audio system your home can surround you in music and ambiance that will create the perfect mood for any occasion.  With options from, in room, in ceiling, small aperture, or totally invisible speakers, we can create the right solution for you and your family and it can all be controlled through an app on individual phones, or a central touch screen.


Lighting Control

Shift the mood and perception of your space with premium lighting systems to create powerful and personalized effects at the touch of a button.

Lighting control pic.png

Automated Shades

We connect your custom shading solutions to your home automation system that will increase energy efficiency, safety, UV protection of valuable artwork and furniture and improve overall aesthetics of your home.

Automated Shades Pic.png
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